FLIR Systems Inc

Reason to do Business with FLIR

  • Turnkey Solution: Scalable VMS, HD Cameras, Thermals, Analytics, PSIM, Radar

  •  #1 Brand in Thermal solutions- Complete line of Thermal solutions from $1K to $500K per camera

  • Trusted to secure:  the Statue of Liberty, the White House, Nuclear facilities, Embassy’s around the World, and more.

  • Solutions for Entry Level to Enterprise

Reason to Make FLIR Your VMS

  • Unified Platform: Common Look + Feel from Meridian to Latitude
  • Limited VAR Channel
  • Advanced Integration Team – Customize the software
  • Large Horsepower VMS with Very Nimble Team. We are a small enough player that we care and offer great service.
  • Open platform – certified with all major camera lines.
  • Misc:
  • Cell Phone can be a camera in the VMS
  • ONVIF is native profile
  • Adaptive streaming of FLIR cameras save bandwidth
  • Define any alarm and its associated action
  • Feature rich web client



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