Event Review - KLM Technology Expo May 24th 2017

Thank you for making our 28th KLM Expo a huge success!

We appreciate your time spent learning about KLM, our product offerings and our goal to be your security solutions partner in making the world safer. Remember, what you do deters crime and can save lives.

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Gallery of Event

Gunshot detection technology demonstrated in Roanoke

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) – In a time when personal safety at home, in the workplace and in public is a top priority, technology now exists to better meet those needs.

“That’s what it’s for, saving lives,” said Paul Walter, owner of KLM Marketing.

KLM Marketing is hosting demonstrations all across the country. The one held on Thursday at Safeside Tactical in Roanoke was the fifth demonstration nationwide.

KLM represents technology companies like Flir and Sielox which have developed cutting-edge technology systems using cameras, thermal imagery and audio analytics that can record and detect the most minute details and even alert police when and where a gunshot has been fired.

“It’s dialed in to get directly the sound of a gunshot,” Walter explained. “We are not going to be fooled by somebody slamming a book on a counter or something else like that.”

That includes car backfires or similar sounds. The technology goes beyond human error.

In a demonstration at the gun range, only seconds after a gun was fired an alarm sounded from a computer system; “Warning! Active shooter detected. Take cover.”

FLIR Thermal Imaging

FLIR Thermal Imaging

The system can even be set to alert police when what’s considered “aggressive behavior” like a loud argument has been detected.

Walter said it’s being used in larger cities like Baltimore and could possibly prevent a violent act before it happens.

Safeside Tactical owner Mitch Tyler said Roanoke is taking note of what this could mean for the future.

“There are definitely representatives from municipalities in our area [Thursday] as well as some local law enforcement agencies,” Tyler said. “It’s one of those things that municipalities are going to see has value and we as citizens, what kind of protections we want to have in place. We want to decrease response times with gunshots, especially in a public area. And so, I just think the technology is at the right time for cities of our size to start embracing this kind of thing.”

2N Wins the Red Dot Award for Product Design

The results of this year’s Red Dot Awards are in. Despite the intense competition, 2N® Helios IP Verso and 2N® Indoor Touch won awards for top design among 54 counties and 5,500 registered products. It took the Red Dot Professional Committee nearly a month to evaluate all the registered products. Each was assessed from the perspective of quality, level of innovation, functionality, resistance, product shape and ergonomics.

2N® Helios IP Verso and 2N® Indoor Touch unerringly found their way to the top and we are truly proud of them. Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award says “The Red Dot winners apply an excellent strategy in terms of design. They realized that great design and economic success go hand in hand.”

From now on, you will see the Red Dot sticker in our marketing materials next to 2N® Helios IP Verso and 2N® Indoor Touch. Should you visit Essen, Germany, drop in at the local Red Dot Museum, where our products will be on display until July 3, 2017.

For more information about the Red Dot Award: Product Design see [2N] our press release.

Jack Lucas receives "ADI Rep of the Quarter"

Jack Lucas, KLM Marketing Philadelphia was recognized as the "ADI Rep of the Quarter" at the ADI Expo October 24th in Reading, PA.  This is KLM's second Rep of the Quarter award this year as Ed Carter won it back in April.

Jack spends his time developing customers' opportunities into project winning success stories.  He conducts regular Counter Days and Training Seminars in all four of his ADI branches. His proactive leadership helps to keep the ADI Sales Team and the dealers in his area on the cutting edge of technology.  Jack has taken special care to strengthen the dealers knowledge on the emerging IP Technology marketplace. As a result, his clients are confident and comfortable in this competitively growing market.

KLM wins Aiphone’s “Bent Oar Award” for the third year in a row

“This has never been done by a rep firm before. We are honored to be the first to do it and are looking forward to what 2013 brings to us. Aiphone is an exceptional partner” said Paul Walter, founder of KLM Marketing. “KLM will continue to lead the way in marketing Aiphone’s products and services. The IS line has added to the product line up and the new JM will be very popular with its user friendly touchscreen. Who knows, maybe we can bend the oar four years in a row.”

Ed Carter receives “ADI Rep of the Quarter"

Ed Carter receives “ADI Rep of the Quarter” at the ADI EXPO on April 25th, 2013. This is an astonishing third year in a row for Ed. Focusing on growing mutual market share is how Ed won this coveted award. Delivering timely system design, conducting end user demos with ADI dealers, troubleshooting problems at installs on the job site, training on new products at the branch for both the ADI sales team and dealers all helped in growing ADI’s share of the security market.