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2N IP Intercoms Advanced - BICSI: 2 CECs

Date: June 30, 2017

Type:Free 120 Minutes Webinar

Trainer:Gary Schaefer

The Advanced training is focused on advanced IP intercoms functions and settings. After this training you can test your knowledge and get official 2N certificate upon successful completion of online test.

Accredited by BICSI® for Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
What will you learn?

  • Advanced features of IP intercoms
  • Accessories and software installation
  • Installation in different network infrastructure
  • Managing sites with multiple units
  • Building access control with entry cards, numeric codes and 3rd party hardware.
  • Interconnection with VMS (ONVIF)
  • Integration with own and 3rd party software

Required knowledge

  • Basic training or experience with 2N® Helios IP usage

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